In 1949, military dependents have been coming to stay in Taiwan from all parts of China, which have formed the culture of military veteran village. Kaohsiung Zuoying is the base camp of the Navy and has the largest naval village in Taiwan. Its history can be traced back to the Japanese era.

Measuring approximately 66,000 square meters in area, Mingde Village consists of 58 residential houses, 57 of which were renovated, with the exclusion of Household No. 1. The houses are primarily made of wood, creating a tranquil and elegant ambiance. Home to four chiefs of staff—Kuei, Yung-Ching, Li, Yu-Hsi, Sung, Chang-Chih, And Liu, Ho-Chien—And Seven Commanders-In-Chief—Kuei, Yung-Ching, Ma, Chi-Chuang, Liang, Hsu-Chao, Li, Yu-Hsi, Liu, Kuang-Kai, Feng, Chi-Tsung, And Sung, Chang-Chih, the village is beautifully referred to as the Navy General Village. Household No. 1 has been repurposed into a hotel bearing the same name as the village—Ming-de—and has accommodated many Navy officials as its guests. Household No. 2 was inhabited by Nakasone Yasuhiro, the former Japanese Prime Minister, and Household No. 6 was occupied by Chen, Ching-Kun and Liang, Tien-Chieh, both awarded with the R.O.C. Order of the Blue Sky and White Sun with Grand Cordon.

According to the statistical data of Ministry of National Defense in 2005, there are 886 registrsted veteran villages in Taiwan. This culture park is therefore named as "Farewell 886" to pay the respect to the past time and tide and to give the wish to the regeneration of the culture of veteran villiges.

The original Kaohsiung Veteran Village Culture Center was moved here and was renamed to be "Farewell 886, Cultural Park of Taiwan Military Veteran Village", aiming to lead the public to travel back in the history and discover the world that used to happen inside these fences.
"Admiral's Residence" was opened. This exhibition adopts the "Tetris challenge" method to illustrate the general's kindred's daily life which will take you back through time to re-live the ordinary but special kindred village life and immerse yourself in the estate's glamour.
"The Corner 121" was opened. By displaying the cultural relics, literature and videos about the military veteran lifestyle, the old housing was rebuilt to be a "Salon of Culture", where visitors can feel and experience the history in this quiet and calm corner.